Trying to find out what my Indian artifact is?

I have a stone tool of some sort that was found in a field in Catawba County NC, so probably came from Catawba Indians. It is smooth,crescent shaped, with rounded ends. It has these indentions across it that look like finger marks or something. Also, there is a small edge on one of the rounded parts that looks smoother, more worn than the rest of the tool. I have googled and googled and cant really find anything exactly like it. It is about 6 inches long from end to end. It probably weighs around a pound.
ok, here are some pics :

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  1. Barb says:

    Can you post us a picture? Sounds like something to work deerhide, or maybe weaving? Have you tried googleing something like “tools North Carolina Indians used” ? Sorry, that’s all I’ve got, good luck.

  2. Sidney says:

    I think you are talking about a scraper used for scraping hides. Is one edge chipped to a sharp edge? To make a scrapper you chip off parts of a stone to make a sharp edge. It’s called flaking. They often use flint or obsidian.
    Just looked at your pictures, and it doesn’t seem to have the sharp edge I expected. I think it is a war club, missing the handle. Take a look at this picture:

  3. andrew w says:

    It looks like a worn out axe of some sort… you can see two holes at the base which look like it could’ve been fixed to the end of a wooden stick.

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