Needing help finding Native American art, or get in touch with a REAL native artist.?

Now that hubby is getting out of the army, we are finally sitting down and having a real wedding. Im Tlingit, and have incorporated our “lovebird” design into our wedding, but im looking into his side, and so very lost. He’s of the three affiliated tribe of Mandan,Hidatsa and Arikara. (and of course since it has to do with the wedding…he’s less then helpful :)….) Does anybody know where I can find actual artwork from them, not just the tourist versions. Or even names of artists from these tribes?
something along the lines of “love” or “unity”
edit: TO: mr.two crows: if you could find actual artists that would be great!!! examples of real art would be awesome. old school or new. just basically done in the same style by a real “skin.” lol yeah not toooo helpful, i know. Thank you!