Indian History Books , why hindues are tolerating a fake , fabricated history?

British had given the aryan invasion theory , maxmuller was first to describe aryans as a race which invaded india and conquered so called dravidians , he was a christian , with firm belief in bible , he believed world was made in 4000b.c. , so no civilization can be older than this , they made this thoery of aryan invasion to tell hindues that they are foreigners , like muslims, christians , it is unscientific , there are no evidence which suggest that its true, still indian government teaches this history , to check any growth of hindu national identity ,
to widen the gap between casts , any attempt to correct this will be looked as “Saffronization”
Is “Secularism ” such a sacred thing , that we need all these false fabricated histories , we are cheating our selves , we should teach only what is logical , and correct , even if it may look like
“Saffronization” , and if hindues will feel proud about their heritage and will unite to save this culture it will only strengthen india .