Indian Artifact Help/Arrowhead/Tomahawk?

I found this oddly shaped stone in a cave in Tennessee several years back. Rumor has it that Indians occupied the area and after examining the stone, it appears to be a hatchet or a tomahawk. As you can see from the picture, the small end is rounded off and at the wider end the edge is flat (may have been used to hammer or crush?) Also, closer to the wider end are two “dimples” in the stone perhaps where it was either held as used as a tool or latched to a stick? Any information, time frame, tribe would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
Yahoo is being dumb and wont let me load the url so go to tinypic and after the .com type /r/ineo05/5
Thanks for the information David. Would you have any idea how old it might be or what tribe used it? It came from north central Tennessee…Thanks!