I need help identifying some stone tools?

I have four arrow heads and what I think is a small hand axe or carving tool. I had a pamphlet to help identify the cultures these artifacts came from but I’ve misplaced it. Does anyone know a good website or online database of archaeological items that I can use to identify them? More specifically one dealing in North America as these are Native American artifacts. I purchased them at a show held by the Central States Archaeological Society from a Kentucky seller (the CSAS includes Iowa, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, and Indiana).
These ARE arrowheads (w/ one exception), the seller was just getting rid of them because they weren’t display quality. They are from somewhere around Kentucky. I had one semi-identified as Adena, but I’m not 100% sure.

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  1. icabod says:

    There are a number of books listing stone artifacts and their prices. Then there are sites that describe specific items and books about stone tools.

    What’s really needed is the provenance of the points. Purchased at one location doesn’t mean they came from there. As this was part of the artifact trade there’s no telling where they came from.

    A stone tool could be a “arrowhead” atlatal point, spear point scrapper or knife. As example, one way to tell an arrowhead from an atlatal dart is the width of the throat. Dart shafts were generally thicker the arrow shafts. Otherwise the two would like the same.

    Try a local museum or college. They may have someone on staff.

    As an aside, there are a lot of fakes out on the market. It doesn’t take that much to produce one down to the patina.

  2. Tani says:

    http://www.nativetech.org/ is a good web with lots of information and ways to contact the artisan, luck.

  3. ƝɨѕhҠѡe says:

    This site has a lot of pictures that may be helpful.
    The site used to have links to other sites (but not anymore).

    Western Artifacts

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