Bear Kachina doll – help on finding artist info?

I purchased a Kachina (from a reputable and licensed Indian Trader of Kachinas and Artifacts) and the bottom of the wood block base has the artists name, and a number. I was told this number is like a Social Security number and the dealer called it something else.. like a tribal number???
I searched everywhere I can think of on the net, and now I ask for other tips for websites that can tell me where i would find this info.
Unfortunately, the artist only put his/her last name, Begay, and that is a very common name. The “tribal number” (or whatever that number is called) is 403211
By the way, in case you are curious, it is the Bear and it has leather and fur over the carved wood figure. Quite beautiful.
Thanks for any help.
*** I need to make a correction. I found out a little more about this carved doll. It is more likely to be from the Navajo tribe, not the Hopis. The Kachina of the Hopi tribe tend to NOT use a lot of Furr and other features common to my kachina, or katsina, doll.