Are Native Americans actually the descendants of the first Europeans?

It’s been assumed for a long time that they came from Asia over 10,000 years ago, but I just saw a TV program where a geneticist genetically linked them to an ANCIENT European group in France roughly 20,000 years ago. Some Native American artifacts also bear a striking resemblance to ancient European artifacts (namely, their arrowheads).

People might assume that they don’t look “white” because of racial mixing, but the original Europeans were not white (except for way up north in the Viking lands, and maybe even they didn’t back then). Modern-day Euros look white because of the repeated Viking invasions over the millennia, but the folks over in America never got that Nordic influence.

Well, southern Europe is less Nordic than northern Europe, and I’ve even seen Native Americans of a lighter skin tone who could (possibly) pass themselves off as Sicilian or Greek.

Are Native Americans the last of the original Europeans (who were probably more Asiatic than Nordic at the time)?

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  1. AwesomeBill says:

    I always believed that they not only descended from Asia via the landbridge that is now the Bering Strait, but are of similar lineage from Siberia and Europe via icebridges throughout the North Atlantic. Who’s to say that any race originated from one area? Even our best scientists armed with the latest technology and evidence garnered from same are taking their best guess. We may never know for certain.

  2. Crys H. says:

    It’s possible that they have the same ancestry. People in general started out in two groups, the Indo-Europeans (who were near the western border of India) and the Slovaks (sp?) (who were north of them. It’s generally assumed that the Indo-Europeans moved west into Europe, while the Slovs moved up into Russia/Syberia and then across into Alaska and Canada. However, the presence of Indo-Europeans in Indonesia contradicts this. So I think it’s possible that the Indo-Europeans split into two groups, some heading west into Europe, and some heading east and then north, eventually into North America.

  3. max power says:

    I think in looking back that far in time we need to also remember that the amont ofusable land was somewhat less then today and that any distinct “races” would have lived close to one another.

    So with your little bit on the origin of “Native Americans” i would think that we would need to say that all the people at some point were in fact of the same racial group and only through isolation – caused by the rise in ocean levels and then for the modern part of Human history we see very little exploration and contact between the isolated peoples…

    So all three you mention – Asiatics, Europeans and Native Americans are all related and just isolated over VAST time frames to produce different physical characteristics

  4. roger m says:

    No we are not The Creator put us here, The red man here the white man Europe the yellow man Asia and the black man Africa these are seen as the four corners of earth to us. I don’t trust a scientist to tell me where We as a people come from. I put my trust in the spiritual leaders and their teachings.

  5. Natasha J says:

    This is completely racially insensitive. Another fine work of scientific racism. Do you know that there are Native artificats that date back hundreds of thousands of years. There is so much proof that Natives have been here forever.

    You cannot believe everything you read or see on the television.

    It is not suprising that humans, in general, have common dna or may look alike. And did you know that Native people had boats. There is evidence to suggest they were in contact with other people (people from other countries), maybe they were trading and that is why there are similiar artifacts? Isn’t that a much simpler suggestion and it makes more common sense.

    As for the Land Bridge Theory. Well that is just another example of scientific racism. There is little to no evidence to back up this theory. In fact there is more evidence against it than for it. Scientists, Scholars, and Common Citizens today believe in this theory on blind faith alone.

    Why? Why the land bridge theory and this new dna hooey? Because people of european descent have a nagging desire to prove that Natives were not the original inhabitants of this land or that they were immigrants just like them. Many feel that if they prove this then there is reason to believe that Europeans had as much right to this land as Native people. Well, why don’t we just respect our history and our cultures. Let us stop telling people what they are (especially with no real proof).

  6. efw says:

    Three of the four main ancestral groups diverged from their Asian forbears at least 20,000 years ago. And even more striking, the first Americans didn’t all come at once, but in at least three waves of migration. The fourth ancestral group had DNA tracings back to the Solutreans, people who lived in Ice Age France and Spain. Their progeny are linked by DNA to the modern day Ojibwe Indians.

  7. arzbarz says:

    nope, just coincidence

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