Why does the practice of destroying monuments, writings, and other historical artifacts continue?

To the illiterate who want to complain about the wall of text – Your input is neither required nor is it being solicited… A few things I find confusing, include the burning of the Alexandrian Library — the Roman stoic philosopher Seneca (c. 4 BCE – CE 65) refers to […] Read more »

Any comments about these thoughts?

During the dark ages, the church was the only government and no one challenged the authority of the Pope He signed two deadly “Cereta Bull.” In one he ordered to kill all the cats in Europe because they were, to his uneducated mind, the product of evil. Doing so, the […] Read more »

need help with my homework on native americans.?

i know….. your probably thinking just do the H.W. yourself….. but i left my textbook in school…..please help. whenever i say DESCRIBE, describe the location, geographic, characteristics, food, shelter, and artifacts. 1. who are the anasazi people? 2. describe the native americans of the artic 3. describe the native americans […] Read more »

What was the original purpose of ‘fringe’ on the native american moccasins? What about the knee high?

I am into a moccasin battle with a friend ovr the fringe. I hav always thought and believed that the fringe’s purpose was either purely decorative or to provide motion to keep flies away. He says that it because on the knee high moccasins that was how they put the […] Read more »