Did you see the ‘uncontacted tribes’ of the Amazon? Are Christians just like them in their religious beliefs?

And when do you think the Christians will destroy their culture now that their whereabouts are known?

(Christians have destroyed countless cultures, precious artifacts and religions all over the world. For instance, in the Americas the clergy destroyed indigenous Indian cultures and forced them to abandon their beliefs and adopt theirs. They destroyed virtually all of their religious idols and artifacts)

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  1. monkeydamour says:

    Actually, it was a hoax. The tribe has been known for almost a hundred years.

  2. buffpuff says:

    The tribes were fake. The photographer later admitted that.

    ETA: Like the answerer above me said, they were known for years. When I said fake I meant that people did in fact know of them. The photographer was just trying to attract attention to the negative effects of deforestation.

  3. Shinigami Ceiling Cat - Atheati says:

    I give it 3 years, tops.

    –Shini CC

  4. Tiberius says:

    It’s more likely that Muslims will be the one’s to destroy them. I think they’ve pretty much picked up the violence and hatred torch the way Christians used to be.

  5. metroactus says:

    why yes! how insightful of you! you watch a 30 minute program (if that) and put that together with the witless conjecture, petty rumors, ill fated speculation, nonsensical jibes and counter jibes betwixt the atheists and deists in yahoo answers and PRESTO! instant conclusion! BRAVO SIR, bravo.

  6. ticd says:

    sorry to burst your bubble…but that was refuted a week ago
    the photographer came “clean” on his hoax….

    much ado about nothing as usual…

  7. Shadowjack says:

    I notice you’re just one more of the many who categorize ALL Christians into one small category. Don’t you see that as stereotyping at all? Or are you really THAT narrow minded in believing every single Christian in the entire world destroyed indigenous Native American cultures?

    SIGH, one more clear cut example of anti-Christian hate speak…

  8. Johnny says:

    Was that kippendorfs tribe?

  9. pl says:

    That picture of the uncontacted tribe that was all over cnn, yahoo, etc. was actually a fraud, that is, it was a picture of a tribe that had been contacted in 1911. (Source:just google it)
    Otherwise, I absolutely agree with you. But it is not only Christians that destroy indigenous cultures. Muslims did it when they conquered the idol-worshiping Canaanites, African tribes, and Zoroastrians in Iran. Jews did it when they conquered the idol-worshipers of the Holy Land.

    But I do have to say that the most recent genocide have been done by Christians. To be honest, I don’t understand how so many African Americans can be Christian, since slavery WAS PART of the Christian religion in the western world. And I don’t think African Americans should convert to Islam — that religion enslaved Africans for centuries before contact with Christians.

  10. Colette Pioline ART says:

    Many religions have destroyed many other religions. Many cultures have destroyed many other cultures.

    I think it’s unfair to target Christians for this unless we target all guilty religions/cultures.

    I do think missionary work (of any religious affiliation) is insulting to indigenous religions and harmful to indigenous culture.

  11. jim c the Ol' Foolosifer says:

    Yes, I’m forming an army at the moment. I have 4 box turtles, 3 squirrels, a turkey and a dog who have already volunteered and in training. Now I need some deer, horses and a goat to get the war started.

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