Creationists, can you explain China?

There were some artifacts dated from China from around 16,000 BC to 7,000 BC! If there were humans living in the world thousands of years before “Adam and Eve”, how can you explain this? Maybe god forgot about China. Or what about the Native Indians in the Americas. They were living before the “creation” as well.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Oh How well the Devil thus Deceives those who are weak minded

  2. ConstElation says:

    carbon dating couldn’t detect the bubbles in soda pop. drop it!

  3. Today says:

    Adam Eve were not Chinese , Oh i thought they were

  4. FaZizzle says:

    Don’t assume that creationist means that everyone believes the same thing.

    There’s nothing to say that creation happened in 7 EARTH days. Some people do, but not everyone.

    Did you know that the Bible mentions an extinct bird also known in the fossil world? Crazy how that works.

  5. Small but Fierce says:

    It’s easy to explain… they dated the artifacts wrong… DUH

  6. somebody says:

    Lol, you’re not wrong, but there’s a much longer time frame for human and hominid cultural activity than that. Even in China (but I’m not very familiar with their archaeology), or Europe – the earliest (or one of the earliest) known archaeological site in Europe is Dmanisi, Georgia, which is 1.8 million years old. It contains tools made by hominids and the remains of their campsite.
    Hominid sites in Africa go back at least twice as far.

  7. Rae-Rae Nikkoles <3 says:

    some people who believe in the creation theory don’t believe carbon dating is accurate. Those artifacts are tested by using carbon dating… which is not correct 100% of the time all of the time.

    other people who are kind of a mix between evolution/creationism believe that genesis is not a literal interpretation of the beginning of life… it summarizes and uses metaphors to help less-educated people (ancient farmers and shepards..etc) know how things came into being. You can’t really go up to an ancient person or caveman and tell them about DNA/RNA, evolution, galaxies, explosions, nebulas, planets, solar systems and go into detail and expect him to come out with an accurate understanding of what went on. Also, the bible says nothing about creation happening in 7 EARTH days, there are solar days, and different measurements of time, especially since it was before earth was created.

  8. Logan says:

    If i recall the bible doesn’t say EXACTLY how long people have been here, we just have an aproximate guess. So maybe people were around in 16,000 bc that doesn’t mean they came b4 adam and eve. Oh and you never know if our methods of dating artifacts are even accurate.

  9. iceprincess says:

    humans are not perfect, therefore…carbon dating cannot be perfect…hhhmmmmm.

  10. aquired says:

    Well, sorry to tell you but you speaking to the creationist about this is like speaking to a brick wall. Even though what you say is fact they will just not believe it. Science to them is the devil and there faith in the bible is fact.
    They ask, “You think we came from monkey??”. Even though it is a scientific fact they will never believe it because it is not mentioned in the bible. I believe in God and I beleive in evolution. I just think that God willed evolution. Why can it not be both. either way good luck in your endevours.

  11. cybertoothedkat says:

    It all comes down to this: (I will not even mention the fact that scientists have now, today, realized their dating methods are completely wrong.) Simply: Believe God, or believe Science. Period. My faith is in the perfect Word of God.
    God Bless You in all wisdom and understanding….Peace.

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