Any Indian Artifacts?

Looking for indian artifacts for sale. Let me know.
Purchacing artifacts IS NOT ILLEAGAL!!!!!!!! Im not looking for baskets and weavings, im looking for stone indian artifacts like arrowheads.

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  1. vicbarx30 says:

    Purchasing artifacts is ILLEGAL! There are numerous places to purchase replicas.

  2. icabod says:

    Have lots of them. Made by a full blooded Wasican.

    The problem with buying artifacts is you don’t really know where they came from. A pothunter could have looted them, sold them to a middleman and along the way they gain some legality. However several museums have found that the artifacts they spent money for were looted and the subject of several lawsuits. It doesn’t matter if it’s a point basket, effigy or grave goods. Buying the stuff can be illegal and encourages pothunting.

    Not to mention several flintknappers have been found to have made points and then sold them as ancient artifacts. In one case 6 figures was paid.

    Do as I did, make your own

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