Any comments about these thoughts?

During the dark ages, the church was the only government and no one challenged the authority of the Pope He signed two deadly “Cereta Bull.” In one he ordered to kill all the cats in Europe because they were, to his uneducated mind, the product of evil. Doing so, the rat population exploded and millions of people died of the plague. The second Cereta Bull was ordering to put to death all of the pagans in the new world, this means all the Indians, if they would not or could not be converted to Christianity. All the gold of the Incas and many other tribes from central America and their ancient artifacts were brought back to Europe and are still stuck under the Vatican’s seven miles of secret library in large air-conditioned catacombs.

They simply erased many advanced civilizations spiritual work that embraced natural and celestial laws by melting all the gold and carvings from the temple of the Sun and the Temple of Moon into solid gold bars to support more religious wars and invasions. It has been a deadly and deceiving business since day one were the uneducated god fearing mass became totally num to the facts that took place against all indigenous people all over the world.

Well take the time to go to my website and read “SEDONA RITUAL”.The very last part of that newsletter is a letter sent to the Pope by an Indian legal representative and denunciate the damage the Indians suffered because of the Pope’s order to KILL all “pagans”. while you are at it take also the time to visit my good friend, Jordan Maxwell, “CHRISTIAN FISHES SYMBOL” and educate yourself on Astro-Theology, do your home work and see the real structure of the Vatican and the destructive and deceiving deeds of organized religions. Of course you wouldn’t have been taught this in Sunday school, so be ready for a shock when you see the humongous amounts of manipulation involving the church and its poisonous traps.

The church has used, since its existence, basic psychological human instincts as a form of control and continues to do so in our modern times. The whole bible is based upon Astrology and a fear of the unknown and has been instilled manipulating people into religious robots unable to look outside the bible for answers. Again Hitler did the same to create the SS or the army of Hitler youth while serious punishment or great rewards was a part of the curriculum. Containment, regulations, and regular prayer practices, becomes a routine that took two thousands years to poison the entire human psyche.

This practice was set this way to manipulate the uneducated masses and created a super wealthy machine, dubbed “organized religion,” bringing billions of dollars in revenues each year. True victims of religious poisoning suffers from depression and numerous mental disorders, stemming from deep-seated phobias and fears instilled in them from when they were children, fearing the worst of hell, and eternal damnation. A few hundred years ago you used to be able to either pay the church in advance for sins you knew you would commit, or you could pay them off as you did them. You would go to the priest and buy your exemptions, however I don’t think that God ever saw a penny of that money.

This option faded out as the church grew older and discovered that they could actually make much more money by “suggesting” 10% of everyone’s yearly income to be paid to them as part of your service to God, however the Church is one of the only organizations that is exempt from all taxation and is also the richest organization in the world, not non profit and containing tons of the worlds most priceless artifacts and historical documents, as well as real estate. Well the irony is that now 2000 years later each year the children are waiting for Santa Claus to return on December 25th to go down the fireplace to bring them toys, just as their parents are waiting for Jesus to return to run this world and save them.

Well I am waiting for Elvis to comeback, SEE how stupid that sound??? Well give it 2000 years of enforced deceiving information and Elvis not only will become a saint or a deity but people will believe in his return too. The Bible is no more than a fairy tale for children, Jesus being the equivalent of Santa Claus and us knowing absolutely nothing of his actual existence. There were no pen or paper available 2000 years ago to state his birth as fact. The fact is that anything written about Jesus took place over 400 years after is QUOTED death.

Sometimes I fell like Galileo, hey people the world is NOT flat, look at the moon it is obviously round but his observation sent him to jail and nearly killed him and century later the Pope did apologize for his predecessors making his life miseries… Gosh what good that do to the poor genius rotting in a cold, wet cell being beating and starving to death.

Well he never apologized for other pontiffs imbecility responsible for the plague and the death of millions people in Europe or for the Indian massacre all over the planet. Note also that the Pope finally recognized the Gypsies to be canonized and they can now have saints while Gypsies and the church also persecuted gays forever but now we have gay bishops. Well the fact of the matter is that there is plenty gypsies and plenty gays in the world and they all have money and that’s is the main reason to accept them and to give them a chance to be SAVED by the Lord. My god…how can people be so blind. When will the world finally wake up to the deceiving power of Neptune that has plagued mankind for so long? When will the people realize that what has been accepted by the majority does not mean it is true or even ever happened?