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Why does the practice of destroying monuments, writings, and other historical artifacts continue?

To the illiterate who want to complain about the wall of text – Your input is neither required nor is it being solicited… A few things I find confusing, include the burning of the Alexandrian Library — the Roman stoic philosopher Seneca (c. 4 BCE – CE 65) refers to 40,000 books having been burnt […]

Possible Artifact – Anyone know what it is?

My father is a collector of Native American artifacts and has a large collection of arrow-heads and other things. He has found this last week and is wondering if anyone has any ideas of what it is or what it would have been used for. Also if you have any ideas where he can research […]

Any Indian Artifacts?

Looking for indian artifacts for sale. Let me know. Purchacing artifacts IS NOT ILLEAGAL!!!!!!!! Im not looking for baskets and weavings, im looking for stone indian artifacts like arrowheads.

I need help identifying some stone tools?

I have four arrow heads and what I think is a small hand axe or carving tool. I had a pamphlet to help identify the cultures these artifacts came from but I’ve misplaced it. Does anyone know a good website or online database of archaeological items that I can use to identify them? More specifically […]

Indian Artifact Help/Arrowhead/Tomahawk?

I found this oddly shaped stone in a cave in Tennessee several years back. Rumor has it that Indians occupied the area and after examining the stone, it appears to be a hatchet or a tomahawk. As you can see from the picture, the small end is rounded off and at the wider end the […]

An indian artifact? ?

I have an item my grandmother gave me that she got from her great-grandmother who was a cherokee Indian. It is 3 sticks tied together like a TP and has a stone hanging in the middle with a leather strap. Does anyone have any idea what it is or was used for?


it resembles from what i looked up a atlatl weight type 2

how do you tell the age of stone carvings or arrowheads?

how can i determine the age of Native American artifacts, ARROWS , AXE’S, CARVINGS

Native American tool?

Could anyone I.D. this native american stone tool by description? It was found near the Montrose Ark. area approx. in the 1950’s. It is a small black stone artifact of fine craftsmanship and polished very smooth. It is 3 1/4 inch long by 1/2 inch deep bye 7/8 inches wide. Both ends are v-notched. The […]

i found a indian artifact its a stone carved head and i am trying to find out about it i have pictures?