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A found a rare artifact what do I do?

I have found a rare Phoenix Button. I found it in Massachusetts, in my backyard. My house is close by to an old Indian Camp Site. These buttons are even rarer east of the Rocky Mountains. It’s number is No. 29. WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!! Read this: http://www.thetreasuredepot.com/issue3/article4.htm

RARE INDIAN ARTIFACTS??? 10 points for best answer.?

My aunt found some very interesting indian artifacts and was wondering if they’d be worth lots of mullah. I couldn’t find anything about any of them on ebay or even google. The first one is an indian knife that is made of amber and it even has two bugs in it!! Yeah. How cool is […]

Does anyone know of some good sites pertaining to Indian artifacts?

I have a double grooved axe and various arrowheads. I was recently told that a double grooved axe was rather rare.