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Why does the practice of destroying monuments, writings, and other historical artifacts continue?

To the illiterate who want to complain about the wall of text – Your input is neither required nor is it being solicited… A few things I find confusing, include the burning of the Alexandrian Library — the Roman stoic philosopher Seneca (c. 4 BCE – CE 65) refers to 40,000 books having been burnt […]

Any comments about these thoughts?

During the dark ages, the church was the only government and no one challenged the authority of the Pope He signed two deadly “Cereta Bull.” In one he ordered to kill all the cats in Europe because they were, to his uneducated mind, the product of evil. Doing so, the rat population exploded and millions […]

need help with my homework on native americans.?

i know….. your probably thinking just do the H.W. yourself….. but i left my textbook in school…..please help. whenever i say DESCRIBE, describe the location, geographic, characteristics, food, shelter, and artifacts. 1. who are the anasazi people? 2. describe the native americans of the artic 3. describe the native americans of the northwest 4.describe the […]

Ancient Egytians were African natives and were diverse?

Everyone should know that African people have many shades of skin color.Also people should know that by now that african people have (MANY) facial features and head shapes that some other races really don’t have. But it does make use better no bet does it make use unique?(Yes) and some (Uneducated) people same to think […]

Have you ever found any ancient American artifacts?

My son has found a native American tool. Some people have found coins, arrowheads, old treasures, etc. What treasures have you found???

native american burial mound?

OK so I just found out this public place is built on top of a burial mound… there are still bones in it and the bones they already dug up were reburied in another location in a mass gave type deal…. is this right? it has been kind of bothering me since I found out […]

What was the original purpose of ‘fringe’ on the native american moccasins? What about the knee high?

I am into a moccasin battle with a friend ovr the fringe. I hav always thought and believed that the fringe’s purpose was either purely decorative or to provide motion to keep flies away. He says that it because on the knee high moccasins that was how they put the shoe together, by tieing the […]

Why do people think Native American Traveled form Asia form the Barren straits?

Why do people think that Native Americans Come descend from Asian why his say’s Different and Artifacts? Do these Native Americans look like Mongoloid or Negroids. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/page3/

Do you think it is better to leave artworks in their native settings?

Do you think it is better to leave artworks in their native settings, or is it more appropriate to keep them in museums? Is it better for more people to have access to artwork in museums, or for fewer visitors to witness the full impact of a work in its original setting? Is it better […]

Is there an organization for people that like to look for artifact?

I live in north GA where there are many Native American artifact. Any free time I get, I search for and find alot of arrowheads and other neat things, I was trying to find an organization or club for people with like interest.