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Why do people think Native American Traveled form Asia form the Barren straits?

Why do people think that Native Americans Come descend from Asian why his say’s Different and Artifacts? Do these Native Americans look like Mongoloid or Negroids. http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/page3/

How mechanically advanced were Native Americans in 1492?

It is well known that much pre-Columbian history has been destroyed and it is well accepted that Native Americans were generally more advanced than they have been given credit for throughout history. My question specifically relates to mechanical devices. Names of artifacts also help.

Why is the information available to archaeologists about early Native American cultures very limited?

A.A pandemic of European diseases destroyed Native American cultures before information could be gathered. B.Inter-tribal warfare eliminated large numbers of Native Americans, so little information was available. C.Native American cultures were highly secretive, so it was not possible to locate information about their cultures. D.The nomadic tribes burned all documents and selected artifacts before they […]

How come the Natives in Mexico from different empires builded alot great temples but Native Americans did not?

Like if you thought about it the pure mexicans, and native americans are really similiar in structure and way of life but how come down in mexico you can find really “legend” like artifacts or buildings and temples but in the whole america (usa) they did not build anything grand?

Are Native Americans actually the descendants of the first Europeans?

It’s been assumed for a long time that they came from Asia over 10,000 years ago, but I just saw a TV program where a geneticist genetically linked them to an ANCIENT European group in France roughly 20,000 years ago. Some Native American artifacts also bear a striking resemblance to ancient European artifacts (namely, their […]

Native American artifacts in museums – are Native Americans allowed to take them back?

I’m doing a research project about Native american artifacts, and one of the topics i have to cover is about how if native american artifacts are in a museum, are native americans allowed to walk in there and claim them?