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Possible Artifact – Anyone know what it is?

My father is a collector of Native American artifacts and has a large collection of arrow-heads and other things. He has found this last week and is wondering if anyone has any ideas of what it is or what it would have been used for. Also if you have any ideas where he can research […]

what did native americans use this for?

So i’m doing a report on Native American artifacts. We had a choice of a couple and i chose the Bow and Arrow. Besides from hunting, and using the animal(s) for food, the skin for shelter sometimes and clothing what might the bow and arrow have been used for? Thanks!

Enjoying the Arts Arizona Has to Offer

Pretty much all year long, the arts are alive and well and living in Arizona. Whether you enjoy a leisurely afternoon strolling through an art gallery, an evening listening to beautiful music, or relaxing in the audience of an entertaining play, Arizona is full of cultural opportunities. For example, Tucson, in southern Arizona, is home […]

Legal to own human remains?

I would like to start collecting human remains due to the fact i am in the medical field (surgical pa) and have an interest in both forensic and anthropology, am i allowed to own antiques and/or artifacts of human remains from various places around the world? No i am not digging them up, they are […]

Can I find the website for Noc Bay Trading company in Escanaba, Michigan. It deals with beads and things?

It deals with beads and things associated with Native American arts,jewelry and artifacts

How much of the world has been excavated for archaeological purposes? ?

I have been doing some thinking lately about some of the essays I have read from american archaeologists regarding Native American artifacts and dwellings. Being a Native American from one of the tribes that was mentioned, I was interested to see just how off these archaeologists were regarding some of our artifacts, as well as […]

Indian artifact help?

I was in a thrift store that had some old Native American items, including a small broom looking object. It is about 10 to 14 inches, handle being about 10 inches long and about 1 1/2 inches wide. The handle is made of a hollowed out bone which has carved lines and has been polished, […]

how do you tell the age of stone carvings or arrowheads?

how can i determine the age of Native American artifacts, ARROWS , AXE’S, CARVINGS

If an archaeologically significant find is on private land, does the land owner have sole rights to the find?

It seems like the obvious answer here would be ‘yes,’ but when dealing with culturally significant finds, say a Native American burial in someone’s backyard (unlikely as the example may be), who owns the artifacts from the find? Especially when human remains are involved?

Native American tool?

Could anyone I.D. this native american stone tool by description? It was found near the Montrose Ark. area approx. in the 1950’s. It is a small black stone artifact of fine craftsmanship and polished very smooth. It is 3 1/4 inch long by 1/2 inch deep bye 7/8 inches wide. Both ends are v-notched. The […]