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Can I find the website for Noc Bay Trading company in Escanaba, Michigan. It deals with beads and things?

It deals with beads and things associated with Native American arts,jewelry and artifacts

I have what I believe to be an Indian Artifact from Michigan called a celt but Im not really sure?

It is about four inches length wise and two inchs across. It appears to be sharpened at one end like an axe but without notches. It is similar to Indian celts I looked at on ebay and other websites but I just want to know what I should look for in a authentic celt Indian […]

How can someone prove/tell if something is a real native american artifact?

My cousin found a hunk of driftwood a few weeks ago that is oddly shaped. It appears to be a digging tool possibly used by native americans, though we are unsure. It was buried, which seems rather odd considering he was at Lake Michigan, though it is obviously possible that it was simply stuck in […]