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A question about artifacts !?

I was recently handed down some Indian artifacts that were found in florida some 60 odd years ago , where can I find out what tribe they were associated with? these are old ‘ some silver beads and very beautiful glass beads and arrow heads also i would like to know about the laws concerning […]

What are US laws regarding antiquities found on private property?

If you dig up antiquities on private property (that you own) in the United States, who owns them? In Italy, the state does automatically. That seems wholly unfair to landowners. I’m thinking about ownership of ancient Indian artifacts, burial grounds, battlefield artifacts, and fossils. I know the federal government owns that which is found on […]

Are You Required By Law To Turn In Historic Artifacts You Find?

I wanted to know if there are actually laws about this. Even if on your own property and you somehow stumble across some old Indian artifact in your garden, are you required by law to turn it in?

hi…can anyone tell me where to find information (laws) for selling an indian artifact with bald eagle talons

Waht are the specific laws regarding found treasure on one’s private property?

What happens if someone finds a Civil War cache, gold bars, Native American artifacts, dinosaur bones, whatever? (Serious question for a savvy lawyer please.) Would the Government have the right to try to claim it? Or what? And YES I realize I typo’d “WHAT”.