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Creationists, can you explain China?

There were some artifacts dated from China from around 16,000 BC to 7,000 BC! If there were humans living in the world thousands of years before “Adam and Eve”, how can you explain this? Maybe god forgot about China. Or what about the Native Indians in the Americas. They were living before the “creation” as […]

Are there any Native American Indians left?

I was born in Wichita, Kansas in 1976 and growing up there, Native American Indian life was at the forefront of our daily conscious. I recall we had yearly River Festivals and parades that celebrated Indian heritage. The 44ft tall Indian statue, “The Keeper of The Plains” in our downtown was a daily reminder that […]

Help with pueblo indians project?

I need to make an “artifact” from that tribe and do a news report on it. Any ideass? Thanks. answer i choose gets best answer…

Did Indians colonize Southeast Asia?

Southeast Asia was definetly Indianized. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indianized_kingdom I want to know if the Indian derived artifacts, civilization and culture found in Southeast Asia was due to Indian colonizers or just trade and acculturation. Thank You.

Chinook Indians: Artifacts and Weapons!?

I need some information about the Chinook Indians. I need to know what kind of artifacts of theirs have been discovered, and I need to know what kind of weapons they used (in warfare, to catch salmon, etc.)! Please help me! This is for a school project, and I really need these answers. Thanks to […]

What are 2 artifacts from Pueblo Indians?

i need 2 artifacts from the pueblo indians. i searched the internet im not sure which one i can write ONE PARAGRAPH EACH. i need 2 artifacts that has alot of info like the decoration, purpose of the object, object is made of, found and when, and what it tells us. Please help me also […]

where is a nice place to hunt for Indians artifacts in north Florida?

i heard of some in the wakulla river,any ideas ?

Where can i get a picture of an artifact on the Jumano Indians?

It’s for a project

Indian Artifact Help/Arrowhead/Tomahawk?

I found this oddly shaped stone in a cave in Tennessee several years back. Rumor has it that Indians occupied the area and after examining the stone, it appears to be a hatchet or a tomahawk. As you can see from the picture, the small end is rounded off and at the wider end the […]