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what did native americans use this for?

So i’m doing a report on Native American artifacts. We had a choice of a couple and i chose the Bow and Arrow. Besides from hunting, and using the animal(s) for food, the skin for shelter sometimes and clothing what might the bow and arrow have been used for? Thanks!

how does “the antiquities act” view relic hunting (surface only arrowhead hunting)?

My joy in life comes from studying and hunting indian artifacts, I dont screen or dig. Do I have any rights on public land?

indian artifact hunting help?

ok ive found arrowheads, old musket balls, knives, pottery, spear heads, axe heads, matatees or how ever u spell it, that kind of stuff but i have never found a buffalo skull or old revolver/rifle i have even found a cavalry spur! i live in the texas panhandle and have about 50,000 acres to work […]

have you ever gone indian artifact hunting?

I did today and didn’t find anything althoug a few in the group found some arrowheads and beads