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Ideas for a Cherokee Indian project??

my daughter has to do a display project thing on the cherokee indians.. has to come up w/ some artifacts….. any ideas? we’ve already made a little summer house w/ a grass roof and a canoe on water..

cherokee indian project?

hi, in my social studies class(8th grade) we were assigned a project where we had to create our own indian artifact, i was assigned the cherokee indians. i made some pottery and totally forgot about the 3 paragraph explaination/history, in this essay i have to explain the signifigance of the artifact. help! does anyone know […]

An indian artifact? ?

I have an item my grandmother gave me that she got from her great-grandmother who was a cherokee Indian. It is 3 sticks tied together like a TP and has a stone hanging in the middle with a leather strap. Does anyone have any idea what it is or was used for?