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Teslin Cultural Celebration

We are excited to be invited to attend the Teslin Tlingit/Haida Celebration. I believe it is July 18 through 21. We attended two years ago with a van fullĀ of artists including Chris and Melvin Nowicki all the way from Poland. It was a beautiful day in an unbelievably wonderful location. If at all possible I […]

Bear Kachina doll – help on finding artist info?

I purchased a Kachina (from a reputable and licensed Indian Trader of Kachinas and Artifacts) and the bottom of the wood block base has the artists name, and a number. I was told this number is like a Social Security number and the dealer called it something else.. like a tribal number??? I searched everywhere […]

I’m looking for a contemporary Native American artist.?

I remember seeing a work by a certain Native American artist before, but I cannot recall his name. He displayed himself on his back in a glass case and it was titled “Artifact”, “Relic”, “Specimen”, or something like that. I want to mention his work in a paper I am doing but I cannot find […]

Needing help finding Native American art, or get in touch with a REAL native artist.?

Now that hubby is getting out of the army, we are finally sitting down and having a real wedding. Im Tlingit, and have incorporated our “lovebird” design into our wedding, but im looking into his side, and so very lost. He’s of the three affiliated tribe of Mandan,Hidatsa and Arikara. (and of course since it […]