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Why does the practice of destroying monuments, writings, and other historical artifacts continue?

To the illiterate who want to complain about the wall of text – Your input is neither required nor is it being solicited… A few things I find confusing, include the burning of the Alexandrian Library — the Roman stoic philosopher Seneca (c. 4 BCE – CE 65) refers to 40,000 books having been burnt […]

Possible Artifact – Anyone know what it is?

My father is a collector of Native American artifacts and has a large collection of arrow-heads and other things. He has found this last week and is wondering if anyone has any ideas of what it is or what it would have been used for. Also if you have any ideas where he can research […]

NAS announces artifact show

NAS announces artifact show SEWARD, Neb. – The Nebraska Archaeological Society invites the public to attend the sixth-annual Nebraska Artifact Show Saturday at the Seward County Fairgrounds in Seward, Neb. Read more on The Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil

Help with pueblo indians project?

I need to make an “artifact” from that tribe and do a news report on it. Any ideass? Thanks. answer i choose gets best answer…

What do you think about these ancient artifacts and petroglyphs?

In Cambodia. Is that a stegosaurus? http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e397/Bigpappadiaz/buddhisttemplesandstonesm.jpg A piece of a beautiful mosaic that was one of the wonders of the second century world. Called the Nile Mosaic of Palestrina, it depicts Nile scenes from Egypt all the way to Ethiopia.The Greek Letters above the reptilian animal in question are: KROKODILOPARDALIS which is literally translated […]

does this look like an artifact-or a geofact?

http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii32/mistshevis/indian%20rocks/eaglehead.jpg, and http://i260.photobucket.com/albums/ii32/mistshevis/indian%20rocks/othersideshowinghole.jpg

A question about artifacts !?

I was recently handed down some Indian artifacts that were found in florida some 60 odd years ago , where can I find out what tribe they were associated with? these are old ‘ some silver beads and very beautiful glass beads and arrow heads also i would like to know about the laws concerning […]

A found a rare artifact what do I do?

I have found a rare Phoenix Button. I found it in Massachusetts, in my backyard. My house is close by to an old Indian Camp Site. These buttons are even rarer east of the Rocky Mountains. It’s number is No. 29. WHAT DO I DO!!!!!!! Read this: http://www.thetreasuredepot.com/issue3/article4.htm

How much do you think an artifact/??? would be worth.?

I had a lady at a college look at it. It appears to be from Chert and she thought from the end era of the dinosaures. It resembles being partially carved like an eagle head. The crown has a crystal like quartz shell in it. An old Indian gent said it probably belonged to a […]

Indian project. I NEED HELP!!!!?

I have to do a project about an indian tribe of my choice and i have to do (1)-pick a tribe (2)-pick an artifact and make it(model) (3)-explain about that artifact and tell what is did, how it was used, ect., ect. make it easy. i was thinking about a teepee but i have no […]