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Can somebody help me with some tips to dig for arrowheads? I live in Missouri and have property by a river.?

I find it very hard to dig for arrowheads, it’s hard work and my holes are very uncleanly dug. My family owns a good chunk of land out in Champion City, MO and the land is on both sides of the Bourbeuse River. There are 2 creeks on the property one starts up on a […]

how does “the antiquities act” view relic hunting (surface only arrowhead hunting)?

My joy in life comes from studying and hunting indian artifacts, I dont screen or dig. Do I have any rights on public land?

Any arrowhead and other indian artifacts pros?

How much is a poverty point fat bellied owl worth? its a little owl bead, in almost perfect condition. We’ve been to conventions, and it has ranged between $200 to $1000. But another was $8000.

Who pays the highest prices for Indian arrowhead collections?

I have about 1000 Native American artifacts that I have personally found on the surface(no digging ever) in northwest Georgia and Northeast Alabama. I don’t want to sell them but I need a lot of money quickly. There are so many dealers on arrowheads.com that it would take to long to contact each individual one. […]