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What do you think about these ancient artifacts and petroglyphs?

In Cambodia. Is that a stegosaurus? http://i43.photobucket.com/albums/e397/Bigpappadiaz/buddhisttemplesandstonesm.jpg A piece of a beautiful mosaic that was one of the wonders of the second century world. Called the Nile Mosaic of Palestrina, it depicts Nile scenes from Egypt all the way to Ethiopia.The Greek Letters above the reptilian animal in question are: KROKODILOPARDALIS which is literally translated […]

Why isn’t there any proof of ancient americans using gold in making their jewelry or artifacts?

Despite the fact that the Egyptians used gold in their jewelry for thousands of years as did the indians of South America why didn’t the American indians use it?

Ancient India research project?!? Help!!!?

We need help with a research project thats due Thursday!!!! Please help! These are some things that we need: example of indian artifact we could make out of clay important words from ancient india(not the language though) example of a well known symbol that could be made 3D easy to make recipe help with making […]

Anyone know of a market for antiques like candle stands & lamps made out of wood from ancient indian palaces?

I deal in artifacts made out of antique wood which has been acquired from ancient ruins of Indian palaces/homes.These pieces are converted into candle stands,lamp bases,key hangers and also bigger items like storage units,benches,dining table bases and other furniture pieces.The wood is solid and priceless.Its like owning a piece of Indian history.

Would some celeberty help with this? There is a little known ancient indian village that S.W. wants 2 build on

At east terminus of county line road in Calimesa Ca., There is an area of land where real ancient indian artifacts have been found these artifacts can be seen at the mousley museum in yucaipa ca., The documentation when presented to the city council was origanally ignored. The fight to keep the place from being […]

I had this ancient aztec artifact with me and i wanted to know more about it. worth date?

I don’t know wat it is aztec, indian, mayan artifact. how much is it worth or where to check. does it look natural or man made? looks made out of clay. youtube link below.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8aOiCZcpFwI

If you were to bring an artifact from overseas into the US, how would you go about doing so?

My family inherited an ancient Indian sword that dates back to the 16th century. It was handed down from generation to generation for many years. My family would like to preserve a part of our family history rather than losing it. The problem is that the artifact is left back at their home country and […]

Ancient Egytians were African natives and were diverse?

Everyone should know that African people have many shades of skin color.Also people should know that by now that african people have (MANY) facial features and head shapes that some other races really don’t have. But it does make use better no bet does it make use unique?(Yes) and some (Uneducated) people same to think […]

Have you ever found any ancient American artifacts?

My son has found a native American tool. Some people have found coins, arrowheads, old treasures, etc. What treasures have you found???

Where can I find info and pictures on ancient native american artifacts?

My brother-in-law has found alot of arrowheads and such where he is living. There are also some tools that he can’t figure out what they are. I was hoping to be able to find a photo of this and maybe some information about it so that I could tell him what it is.