Indian Artifact Hunting in Middle TN June 24 /25, 2011

Hot but productive – Fox Valley, Hamilton, Lecroy, Pickwick points

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11 Responses to Indian Artifact Hunting in Middle TN June 24 /25, 2011

  1. cumberlandsearch

    i think that point is a big slough instaed of a morrow mountain which ever its a good field find


    Great finds

  3. richrelics13

    Great hunt yall .

  4. 1luckysob36

    love your videos sir i believe that last artifact is a skull crusher? war club? looks pretty cool.

  5. creekdalton

    Sure do enjoy your vids! Good finds, as always. Neat Fox Valley! Thanks for sharing the hunt!

  6. SnyderPointMan

    the stone piece might be a maul or war club, that would have been put on a handle like a hatchet ?

  7. yourmajesty07

    Pestle of some kind maybe?

  8. BakersCreek

    Awesome finds guys…. What a day!!!! Thanx for taking us along…. B.C.

  9. MrRickjitsu

    Very cool points today sir!!
    Thanks for sharing with us!


    That last point looked like a Morow mountain and the stone looked liked an Indian sex stone .

  11. Mudslide100

    I can only guess on the last one. Maul maybe? Its cool whatever it is. Thanks for sharing.

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