Terry Williams

Terry Williams

Inside Passage Arts is a world class promoter/gallery of ethnic arts from around the word that specializes in Native Northwest American Art and Asian Arts and antiques. With 40 years experience in these fields of study Terry Williams, Deixh Teexli (Tlingit name), Artist/manager, is a Native American Artist working silver and graphics in Northwest Cost Indian style.

Inside Passage Arts wholesale branch Native Northwest Design can be seen at shows around the United States, with the highlight of the winter/wholesale season show at Tucson, Arizona the first two weeks of February at the Arizona Mineral and Fossil Show where we specialize in sculpture of fossil ivory and bone.

Terry Williams is an artist of many talents. He is a painter, carver and metal-smith specializing in Native American arts. He is also a collector and sells many unique items through his gallery in Skagway AK. Terry is a world traveler and is well known throughout the Great Northwest, Alaska and Bali where he accumulates unique art and artifacts for his collection.

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  1. Say, this is very snazzy looking. Good Job! It will be fun to peruse this site.

    • Terry Deixh Teexli Williams

      Yes, Kelly is on a roll! Hope you folks also! TW

  2. I have an old wood carving that is a wall mount. the figures are carved all the way through the wood, it’s not a relief, but more three dimensional. Can I please send you a picture of it.

    • Terry Deixh Teexli Williams

      We would love to see images of your carving, but we choose not to do appraisals, Thanks, Terry

  3. Hi,
    I was wondering what you had in the way of Inuit Lithic artifacts
    Joel Castanza

  4. bob edwards

    Hello Terry, I have a tmayac scrimshaw that i purchased from the artist in the 70’s. He was elderly and i sure he has died. It is a whale or walrus tooth and he has a seal and three geese on one side and a wolf jumping at a goose . He was suppost to be the premier scrimshaw person in Alaska?
    I wonder if you can help me with more information . I may be interested in selling this .

  5. Antonia Thomsd

    I have a beautifully graphical red and black Whales serigraph numbered and signed by Terry William in 1982. I purchased it in Alaska. I wanted more information about it, and wondered where I could have it valued for insurance.

  6. Hi Kelly: The site looks nice. Did you have a good Birthday? We are in Seattle. TW

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